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Chalkboard, generally used in schools and colleges, is a reusable writing surface on which texts and drawings are made to convey a message. However, its application is not just confined to education industry. It can be used in other sectors as well. For example, chalkboard can be designed as menu card in hospitality sector (cafes, coffee houses, pubs) making it standout from the rest. Also, you can get the size of these boards customized. In addition, the use of permanent chalk pens and acrylic paints ensures that these boards are waterproof as well as weatherproof. There are some reputable companies which can provide quality and durable products.

Dazzle your friends and relatives with uniquely stunning wedding invitations in the form of chalkboards. Nowadays, chalkboard wedding invitations are incredibly in trend. We all want our wedding to be the most memorable day of our lives. And sometimes we go to great lengths for assuring the same, desiring for some special, unique and indelible element. If you are seeking delicate and romantic wedding chalkboards invitations, then there are some companies which strive to design chalkboards which can be customized with your wedding invitations according to suitable style, design and typography. Moreover, every artwork offered by them is drawn by hand, instilling personal touch you desire.

Magnetic chalkboards are very popular nowadays for the reason that they can be used for a variety of purposes. As these chalkboards are versatile, they can be used as a unique display for your favorite photographs, give your kids a personalized play space, also they can be your thought organizer in office or can simply add an attractive feature to your home. Hence, mounting magnetic chalkboards on the walls of either your home or office is a fantastic idea. You’d be glad to know that there are some companies supplying optimum, hand-painted and framed magnetic chalkboards. One of the companies supplying customized chalkboards is Chalkboard Signs.

Chalkboard Signs is a major supplier of chalkboards all around UK. Working in the business for more than 20 years within pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels, it provides high-end superior products. All their artwork is hand-drawn. With the use of permanent paints, they assure that their products will last very long.

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